Sunday, May 22, 2011

Colouring therapy - it's a thing!

My first birthday gift has made it's way home and I've been busy trying to make good use of it. I got 3 colouring books, 2 sets of sketch pens, 1 set of colour pencils and a large box of crayons. No, this account hasn't been hacked by an 8 year old. I just love colouring. How old am I? I'll say :P and also inform you that colouring therapy is a thing. It's supposed to be soothing to fill colours in a weird circular design for hours together. Well, that's the cover story at least ;)

Honestly speaking though, I have this innate urge to create beautiful things. My hands itch to paint something, fill colours, mould something or just create something pretty. The tragedy is, God didn't give me the hands for it. Everyone in my family has been blessed with artistic capabilities, while the only thing I can draw is a cat. That too the one that sits on its hind legs. I tried to learn painting, but guess what? That too requires the ability to draw! I tried my hand at making candles, quilling, paper craft and what have you, but to no avail. I just don't have it in me.

So, anybody sweet enough to ask me "What gift do you want?", always gets the answer, "Give me something to colour, I love colouring!" This is usually met by a stare that says, "Ok, weirdo alert!", but I usually just ignore that. Since colouring a pretty drawing doesn't take much skill, I pretty much manage to make myself happy. I showed one of my latest creations to my Mom and she said, "Having trouble staying within the lines, are we?"



  1. Were you smiling most of the time while writing this post? :)

    Oh and the ability to draw is not always a requirement to paint! You can always call it 'abstract art'!

  2. @k: I tried my hand at abstract art too, but it just looks weird.. it doesn't even look cool like the real ones do :(

    @Neha: you teach me :D