Thursday, March 3, 2011

No comfort

I found this poem in some old chat conversation that I had with a friend.. I don't even know why I wrote it.. I guess it was just one of those sad moments when writing a poem seemed to be the best way to let it all out..  Expectations to sadness,
Giving way resentfully to anger,
No comfort, no comfort,
From one friend to another,
Even well known enemies to surrender,
My heart tearing, little by little,
For every back to my face,

Suicide is cowardice,
This state is transient,
Yet no relief seems in sight,
No light at the end of the tunnel,
No sense that it is a tunnel,
Wandering in a stupor of melancholy,
Seek comfort in the smile of a stranger,

Dance with the whistling wind,
Sing with the tear filled echo,
Converse with the sleeping street dogs,
No comfort, no comfort,
Unknown thoughts giving way,
To unknown emotions searing,

Why does this happen to me
Why is it so painful
How does one reduce attachment to oneself,
How does one get to the root of suffering,
Fake smile does light up the mirror,
But no light for the heart in eternal darkness...


  1. Loved the way there is a coldness enveloping the intensity of your words.