Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I came across a very interesting post from a blog on my blogroll. The author is a friend of mine and I believe a very talented budding poet.. Take a look at this poem she recently put up:


Thoughts run helter–skelter
In search of words to express
Their benevolence.
Words hither-tither wander
Collecting the alphabet and
Having its complete license.
None of them knowing why the haste
Have finally, reached what so long
They have chased.
And that is …

Such a brilliantly worded poem used to denote such a sweet and simple idea. I could actually imagine a person, who had the good stroke of luck to have something really nice happen to him. I could feel him searching for ways to express his joy and gratitude, searching for letters, words, sentences.. and finally saying the one phrase that would best express his happiness.. Thank you! 

Deepti has this amazing art of writing about really simple experiences in a beautiful way. Her poems have such a natural flow of thought that you don't realize that you're reading a poem. I used to try my hand at poems before and the juvenile crap that I've come up with is best left to my poor abused diary :P But Deepti, girl, you rock! Please keep writing more and more such poems..

For more poems from Deepti, please visit

Keep rocking, Dips!

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  1. I noticed a very 'polite' person on campus who freely used the words "Thank you" and "Sorry". Upon questioning, he replied, "There is no harm in saying 'Thank You' and 'Sorry', especially if you don't mean it".