Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aurangabad Trip

Have you ever done something or been somewhere, when you've totally lost track of time? You remember looking forward to that adventure, and the next thing you know, you're back home. The trip to Aurangabad to attend a very close friend's wedding was of the same nature. I remember packing for it, reaching the pickup point and sitting in my friend's car, but after that, I cannot exactly recollect what we did. All I know is, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was one of the best trips I've ever had.

Highlights of the trip:
a) I drove Santro Xing on Pune-Nagar Highway. The roads are beautiful and it was an absolute pleasure to drive on them. What was more pleasurable though was sitting in the front passenger seat and hogging on chocolates (so thoughtfully kept there by the car owner) while listening to songs and criticizing the then-driver.

b) Irritating the only guy amongst 3 girls by calling him a driver and asking him if he's sure he is a guy as he exhibited no signs of being one. He wasn't sure how the AC in his car worked and had no idea how a petrol or diesel engine works. That investigation is still going on, btw.

c) Putting our collective asking-directions-in-loud-voices-from-moving-vehicle skills and finally after roaming around in Aurangabad for 1 hour, finding the "Lord's Paradise" place!

d) Seeing my friend in her yellow saree and pretty make-up, waiting for the ring ceremony to start.

e) Finding out that a girl whom we had ditched (refused to hitchhike in our car), was being put up in the same room as us! That did lead to a few awkward moments, but it was fun planning how to ditch her while going back too.. Apologies to that girl, all I can say is, each group has an energy and when a member leaves, or a new member comes in, the energy changes. We had all grown so fond of the energy that we didn't want to change it. So we're extremely sorry for the boring ride both ways.

f) Handwriting analysis (10 traits each!) in the middle of the night. I have noticed that each and every reading touches that person. More power to my intuition!

g) Shameless hollering and a lot of are-you-sure-you're-a-boy questions to our male friend because he didn't know how to whistle during the Sangeet ceremony. We danced at every opportunity we got and the uncles aunties there were wondering to which side does this party of hooligans belong to. The best part though was when we apologized to my friend for creating chaos, she said "That's why you've been called here!"

h) Seeing my friend dressed up in Navvari saree for the vidhi. She looked stunning!

i) Hogging. Loads and loads of it. After every 2 hours.

j) 4 photographers plus 1 video cameraman shooting the wedding. Photography competition?

k) My friend being picked up sky high by her mamas and cousins when it was time for exchange of varmaalas.

l) Explaining to our families why we decided to shop at Globus Mall instead of visiting places of cultural heritage like Bibi ka Maqbara and Ajanta-Elora.

m) Playing antakshari while coming back. This is a highlight because the aim is always to remember the most vulgar, cheap songs and sing them at your shrillest best.

After this, the discussions mostly turned philosophical. Although I was laughing at my friend for getting depressed that the trip was over, I myself felt withdrawal symptoms (for lack of a better phrase) when I was dropped back home. All in all, my reluctance to share or ponder about this trip in detail can be attributed to a single fact. I really, truly, lived in every moment of that trip.

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